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[804-002/TRBRA001] Harm Stryker/To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie: Split 7"
Co-release between The Riley Bushman Recordings & Archives and Richmond, Virginia's 804noise Collective. Harm Stryker and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie offer up their own brand of minimalist experimental noise compositions. Packaged in handmade silkscreened cover sleeves, silver ink on black card stock.

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[TRBRA002] To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie: Retire Early EP
Six-song compact disc featuring hot jams such as "Power Hungry Fucks Fold Their Hands When They Talk" and "Don't Be In Between Me, I'll Grow And Break You". First full release on The Riley Bushman Recordings & Archives, recorded in the winter of 2005. The Big Take-Over magazine called it "noise as high art."

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[TRBRA003] Cristal/To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie: Lahaie/Venture Dearly 7"
Features Richmond, VA's Cristal (ex-Labradford, Aix Em Klemm) and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie. Side A is Cristal creating subtle drones that climax into a thick, harsh wall of sound. Side B is To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie weaving a haunting narrative of children lost in a cave. Hand screen printed, gold ink on red card stock by makr.

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[TRBRA004] Whitesand/Badlands: Blank Czech/Humans #1 7"
“Blank Czech” is a seemingly labyrinthine affair that is typical of the band’s complex and polyrhythmic methodology. Its varied parts hint alternately at psychedelia and pop, without ever really embracing either. The rhythmic yet frenetic pulse is the only constant, and it floats the song to its gorgeous and powerful denouement. The B-side, “Humans #1,” is both autumnal and rollicking. It is conversely heavy and soft, warm and cold.

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[TRBRA005] Shahs: Dry Heat/Valley Low LP
At long last, Shahs' debut LP fulfills the promise of the handful of self-released and limited edition EPs. A post-noise freak that occurs in the more seedy varieties of the Midwest's dissident cultures, Dry Heat/Valley Low is borne of a tradition of oddball, mutant pop troubadours. Written/produced by Shahs, mastered by Pete Swanson. Art and Layout by Tony Remple.

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Friends of Riley Bushman...

[DBA-009] Shahs: Medicine Girls/Big Room 7"
The same drum loops and synth combination you fell in love with on Dry Heat/Valley Low, but with a decidedly poppier twist. Released on the venerable Death By Audio Records.

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[HNDR 001] Shahs: Divine Interest
First release since 2006's Natl Belle cassette, and inital release on Handreadr. Shahs is the is the palindromic moniker of Tom Helgerson who spent time exploding the scene in Glass Organ (Tone Filfth) and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie. It is crudely recorded, low fidelty dub. Divine Interest is culled from the forthcoming TRBRA release Dry Heat/Valley Low. Hand painted, six-song CD.

[HNDR 003] Shahs: Pocket Gyspy
This four-song CD sees Shahs becoming more engrossed with the dub/island vibe presented on Guts (HNDR 002). A new batch of beach-inspired songs created in the landlocked forward operating base of Montana.

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[MG001] Whitesand/Badlands: Seeding The Clouds
Following in the footsteps of their 7" for TRBRA is Whitesand/Badlands' epic 2xLP debut. Those with a wayfaring spirit will hear a siren luring them into a mysterious journey, a march toward beauty without answers. The more anchored and practical-minded among us will hear a haunting, unique, honest and decidedly listenable modern rock record of restrained ambition and exceedingly high reward. Released on the band's own Magnetic Ghost imprint.

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